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4 Tips for Healing Your Life

Personally, one of the hardest things to do after I was disfellowshipped & shunned by my JW friends/family, was to acclimating to my new life. If I were able to go back and give my younger self  advice on how to heal after being raised a JW, these are the 4 things I would suggest: read more

Activism – WHY??

Activism – Why? I am a writer so for me my activism will be focussing on children, women and oppression. Advocating for them through written platforms, mainly centring on mental and physical abuse is something I feel passionate about. I feel others are more qualified and already dealing with the sexual side of abuse. My read more

So you just found out you were in a cult, and you have no clue who you are anymore…

  Hey you, Me too. Breathe, it gets better, and welcome to your new life. I’m glad that we found each other.   Yup, that’s me.   I officially disassociated myself from Jehovah’s Witnesses in 2015 after years of research, prayer, and inquiry.  I went from being a “seasoned” pioneer and being active and involved, read more