New Light!

Welcome to the new VAA website!! We are excited for you to see our new and unique features.  They include the following:

  • The first ever counseling section which connects ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses with qualified counselors and life coaches who are also ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • The first ever toll-free support line for ex-JW’s in North America
  • A connect section which will direct you to local ex-JW meetup groups in your area
  • A media section which includes a subcategory called “WT Uncensored”.  This is where you will find Jehova’s Witness propaganda films, the full ARC proceedings, and various infamous talks among other things
  • Another media subcategory called Docs & Films which will host or link you to the recent TV specials that have aired and JW films being released
  • Yet another media category called the Cult Clinic which offers educational videos on topics of interest
  • A Books media subcategory with recommended books written by ex-JW survivors
  • A new and improved chat feature which allows you to leave a message if no one is available to answer your questions
  • A regular blog written by various contributors, including one of our very own ex-JW Counsellors (coming soon)!

Survivors. Whistle-blowers. Truth tellers.

Our Objective

Our primary objectives are policy reform & public awareness. Please click on the following sub-sections to see some recent media coverage on the selected topic. 

Please note: we encourage you to do additional research. What you will find might shock you with regard to the widespread impact of these issues. Please visit or google the topic of your interest. In full transparency you can even look at their own explanation for these practices on